Forest is a living creature. It's growing and changing, going through seasons and different rhythms. Forest stands for multitudes. It contains everything and gives everything space to be. It's a place where all kinds of species coexist and live together. Everyone is being authentically who they are: a tree is a tree, a rock is a rock, a hare is a hare even if she changes her colour for a winter.

La Foresta is a forest too. A forest of stories, experiences and events, dedicated to embodied culture — a culture that grows from deeper listening and more sincere communication, from re-uniting human intelligence, body and mind, thinking and feeling, theory and practice. Welcome to our platform for interdisciplinary experiences celebrating collaborative creativity and sustainable living, de-standardisation of human life and search for more poetry and purpose.


Stories are born in the journeys. They contain bits and pieces of the world we notice: impressions from places and initiatives, experiences and encounters that touch us. Stories are conversations in words and images. Through them we explore subjects we care about, such as human creativity and connection to the natural world, wellbeing and embodiment, new cultures of learning and working, and how these and other contexts contribute to living a fulfilling sustainable life. You will also find here our online gallery space, featuring works of selected artists - authors of Foresta's seasonal portraits


Encounters with others can be mirrors or windows through which we see pieces of ourselves or learn something valuable about the world. We don’t know the others we only know ourselves. We don’t know ourselves we only know the others. Here you will find dates and snapshots of the events that we organise: * immersive experiences dedicated to horizontal and vertical interdisciplinary encounters, such as: "Body Matters", "Woods in the City""cocreation.woods"; and * learning experiences in different formats: workshops, labs, courses, retreats. Dedicated to the art of being human.