Forest is a living creature. It's growing and changing, going through seasons and different rhythms. Forest stands for multitudes. It contains everything and gives everything space to be. It's a place where all kinds of species coexist and live together. Everyone is being authentically who they are: a tree is a tree, a rock is a rock, a hare is a hare even if she changes her colour for a winter.

La Foresta is a forest too. A forest of stories, experiences and events, dedicated to embodied culture — a culture that shares its values with the forest and grows from deeper listening and more sincere communication, from re-uniting human intelligence, body and mind, thinking and feeling, theory and practice. It’s a platform for transdisciplinary experiences celebrating collaborative creativity and sustainable living, de-standardisation of human life and search for more poetry and purpose.

Foresta Collective are people taking care of and contributing to this online forest of La Foresta.  It's not a fixated and defined entity. As a real forest does, La Foresta too is relentlessly evolving and growing into itself, transforming through meaningful encounters. It is a process of continuous ‘becoming’ (as Gilles Deleuze put it) and ‘becoming with’ (as Donna Haraway extended). Strolling through this website you will find insights into things we do. As we already mentioned, all our projects grow within a larger context of embodied culture. Culture is like the soil we are in. It nurtures us and shapes us in profound ways. We look at embodied culture as a holistic force that fosters social transformation and leads to more sustainability and creativity in life. New approaches to work and education, to creativity and arts, human relationality and togetherness, interdisciplinary practices and embodied intelligence, interoceptive awareness and attentiveness to the world around — these are the core subjects at the heart of our interests and the work we do. We see those as key elements in making space for a more sustainable society to emerge, that is inspiring people to live and develop in their plurality being part of Earth's ecosystems and cherishing all life forms on this planet. 


Stories are born in the journeys. They contain bits and pieces of the world we notice. Stories are conversations in words and images, through which we explore subjects we care about, such as human creativity and connection to the natural world, wellbeing and embodiment, new cultures of learning and working, and how these and other contexts contribute to living a fulfilling sustainable life. You will also find here our online gallery space, featuring works of our selected artists - authors of La Foresta's seasonal portraits


Encounters with others can be mirrors or windows through which we see pieces of ourselves or learn something valuable about the world. We don’t know the others we only know ourselves. We don’t know ourselves we only know the others. Here you will find dates and snapshots of the events that we organise: "Body Matters" dedicated to reunification of human intelligence, "Woods in the City" interdisciplinary event series and "cocreation.Woods" immersive multi-sensorial experiences. 



We design and facilitate learning experiences for a variety of different audiences in a larger context of embodied culture. The subjects range from Permaculture Gardening to Aesthetics, Film-making to Personal Sustainability. Formats vary between workshops, labs, courses and retreats. Dedicated to the art of being human. 


We also create projects for children and young people of different ages that grow from the values of embodied culture. Based on learning through experience, transdisciplinary connections, collaborative interaction, diversity of forms of expression, as well as movement and embodied awareness being an integral part of any creative process we design for kids.