Ariadne’s Thread
a course in meaningful and impactful storytelling

Stories we tell influence our worldview. Stories we believe in - we live by. Stories influence our perception and make us act in one way or another. Stories start with personal life history and stretch all the way into the culture we live in. Through stories we share experiences, insights, and wonder. During this course we dig under the surface of stories. Into the wisdom passed on across generations as well as treasures we find through our own life’s trajectory so far. We dive into our cultural heritage as well as personal history. We are inheritors of an ancient knowledge that has been passed on to us through the works of art, literature, and other media. We are explorers and direct-experiencers of our own lives. When these two fundamental forces come together, most powerful stories are born.

Whatever is your medium, if you want to sharpen your skill in telling meaningful and impactful stories that resonate with your true values, this course is for you. Given in 2 modules, it connects personal and world culture stories, explores myths and legends, looks into expression of what is without words but feels important. The course explores ways of telling stories in order to express memories and longings, hopes and dreams, collective and individual. There are plenty of qualities we need to cultivate in the process: presence and awareness, intuition and confidence, risk-taking and trust, openness and critical thinking, clarity and choices, patience and perseverance, innocence and experience.

This course is about storytelling from the depth of organic reality within each of us. Taught by the great storytellers that touched and inspired people and keep doing so through the films and books they make, theatre performances and animations they create, and share with the world. Rooted, as we are, in embodied culture. We can offer the following media as expression tools in the course, depending on the needs of the team we are designing it for: illustration, drawing, painting, film-making, animation, theatre, sculpture, writing, installation, voice, book-making, embroidery, land art, and food design. Depending on the media we will put together a team of professionals to co-design the experience with us. To get to know our team click here.

Audience: film-makers, writers, organisation leaders, artists, educators, book-makers, and everyone who wants to improve their skill of story-telling and tap into the richness of personal content as well as heritage coming from the world cultures.

Next workshop >> 3-5 September 2019 in Gerswalde, Germany