Through the body we also express ourselves, who we are and what we feel. How do we do it? We speak, we sing, we write, we move, we draw and paint, we do all kinds of things where our heart, mind, hands and the whole body create and leave our inner mark on the outer world. In these meetings we also explore how our posture, or the way we move, and the way we breath are connected to how we feel. Does every expression leave a mark?

Body is also a source of imagination. What if everything around us would sound? What if every object could easily turn out to be a living being? How would we feel living in another body? What if we all were part of one whole body? Can we draw with the whole body? Can we draw on the body? Can our bodies make music? These meetings are about imagining and celebrating the body in all forms.

Took place at INA.Kindergarten
Commissioned by KinderKünsteZentrum 2017


Sounding body sculpture created in collaboration with Playtronica