Body Matters Research Lab: Embodiment for Improved Learning Abilities.

dedicated to unified human intelligence, its tangible and intangible nature


Embodiment becomes increasingly important for the understanding of our cognition, healing practices as well as for our quest for a fuller sense of self, personal development and relationship with others. The inherent potential of Embodiment to enhance learning, intellectual work, collaboration and creativity remains however largely unexplored. Our current cultural discourse of work, education, science and arts are a product of a deeply disembodied cultural vision. The challenge would be to create a new discourse, a fresh paradigm, a new language and a new system of symbolic representations where we could realize those potentials for a holistic progress in human development.

This research lab will be dedicated to the question of embodied learning and its capacities to increase the potential for human thinking, learning, and knowledge sharing. Join us in an afternoon dedicated to explore these horizons in various ways and by diverse means of discussion, movement and awareness training.


16h-18h how the human body learns. theory and practice.
18h-19h dinner break
19h-21h modes of embodied and disembodied knowledge 

Where: Space for Personal Development, Greifswalder Straße 208, 10405 Berlin

When: 12th of July 2018 16h-21h

With: Eylam Langotsy and Sabina Abdulajeva

Impressions from the Lab