This workshop is dedicated to an exploration of one of our principal subjects: Human.Nature. It’s an exploration of nature, human nature, and the link between them. We explore forests, inner and outer. We explore relationships between these forests around us and inside us, in a direct and a metaphorical way. And we make personal and collective books about these explorations and findings on the way. This workshop is facilitated together with Foresta Artists.

During the workshop a group of children, young people, or adults, goes on an aesthetic research trip. The focus is on human and nature and their relationship to each other. How does nature live around us? What is nature without people and people without nature? What is human nature? What is human impact on nature? Are we also nature? These and other questions children or young people develop according to their own interests around such subjects as "circularity and seasons", "structure and freedom", "movement and silence", "being alone and together", “senses and perception”. Questions and personal inquiries of children form the starting point for aesthetic research, which will develop into a personal book towards the end of the workshop. In addition to developing their own questions, participants reflect on their personal and shared experiences in and with nature, deepen their understand of their own sense of self as well as sense of the other/empathy towards humans and non-humans around them. In search for individual questions and answers, children are accompanied by a transdisciplinary team of Foresta Collective that enables holistic approach and supports each child in developing their personal exploration and book-making skills.

We pursue the following pedagogical approaches:

  • Context- and Phenomenon-based Learning

  • Research- and Inquiry-based Learning

  • Embodied Culture

  • Focus on Creativity and Unconventional Processes

  • Multilingual Work

  • Indoors <> Outdoors Balance

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Images from book-making workshops at Botanical Garden Pankow, Werkstatt, Young Arts Neukölln, Naturkundemuseum Berlin, Helmholzplatz, and Spazio Corsivo