3-Level Sustainability - Taster Workshop


3-Level Sustainability - Taster Workshop


When: 31 January 2019 18h-21h

Where: MOB BLN (https://mob-barcelona.com)

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For Who: This workshop is for you if:
* you want to learn what personal sustainability has to do with the global one

* you want to build a truly sustainable business

* you want to look at your project closely from the perspectives of sustainability, to define your own challenges and find ways to turn them into opportunities 

* you are a curious soul, searching for new forms to organise your life and work in more sustainable ways

In this 3h workshop we look at sustainability as a mindset that is at the foundation of the culture of “new work”. We follow the subject of sustainable work from its personal to global aspects. Sustainability is usually described as taking care of the future, and is viewed from the standpoint of a societal development. In our approach to sustainability, we include taking care of the present too, and start with personal sustainability as a foundation for systems of larger societal impact. Sustainability for us is a fundamental transformation of thinking towards a more holistic worldview that takes into account and respects tangible and intangible qualities of being human, living on the planet Earth.

This workshop is an invitation to look at the subject of sustainability as a phenomenon that is based on your personal experience, on quality relationships you build with your clients and partners, innovative business models you can develop, and through all of that become part of a global movement towards a more sustainable culture. The workshop offers transdisciplinary perspectives from experts in these fields and is rooted in embodied perception, which facilitates an encounter between direct experience and philosophical concepts. We call it embodied culture and we introduce it in order to reverse the frequent situation when real life questions are dismissed while theoretical systems are treated as real.

To get an insight into different aspects of “new work” phenomena read our recent story >> http://www.laforesta.co/new-work

A more sustainable and holistic mindset is at our doorstep. Will we invite it into our living rooms,  working studios, learning spaces? Join us in this learning-how-to adventure.

Foresta Collective is an interdisciplinary collective dedicating our work to personal and global sustainability. We research and write about subjects, organise events and learning experiences within this context. Our approach is rooted in collaborative creativity, artistic sensibilities, embodied culture and holistic perspectives. We work with people from different walks of life (individuals, organisations, educational and cultural institutions). New approaches to work and education, to creativity and arts, human relationality and togetherness, transdisciplinary practices and embodied intelligence — these are the core subjects at the heart of our interests and the work we do. Finding new forms of those are the key elements in making space for a more sustainable society to emerge, that is inspiring people to live and develop in their plurality being part of Earth's ecosystems and cherishing all life forms on this planet.

About the mentors for this workshop:

Sabina Enéa Téari is the founder of Foresta Collective. Her work is dedicated to personal and global sustainability in a broader sense and the connection between the two. She works internationally designing and facilitating learning experiences, cultural projects, interdisciplinary events, and individual consultations in the context of integral sustainability, collaborative creativity and embodied culture.

Egor Sviridenko is a contributor to Foresta Collective, bringing the knowledge of agile and teal organisational culture that he acquired from his leadership activities at Targetprocess, an agile software vendor, as well as working with multiple clients internationally.