Creativity Takes Courage - Day Workshop


Creativity Takes Courage - Day Workshop


Learning the powers of creativity and building creative confidence

When: 16 February 2019 10h-18h

Where: MOB BLN (

Cover image: Diego Mallo

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For Who: For everyone wishing to enhance their process of creation, problem-solving, original thinking, and finding new ways, as well as to develop their creative confidence.

Course content:

This workshop is about developing an ability to ask good questions and challenge the status quo, to solve problems in innovative ways, and to build your creative confidence. Creative confidence, as confidence in your natural creative abilities, is not only reserved for creative professionals but for everyone wishing to enhance their capacity to generate insights and quality ideas.

Forces of creativity do not belong to any particular field, they are trans-disciplinary and essential part of our humanity. Thanks to them we have the capacity to widen our lives any moment, to enter into the unstoppable flow of seeking and discovering, to re-invent ourselves and our world, to resist popular opinions, vulgarity and boredom. They remind us to never stop exploring the world around, as well as to express and to celebrate our own uniqueness. Creativity is also an ability to see and to think differently, to stretch your comfort zone and to find solutions in new unknown situations. Creativity is available to everyone anytime: it’s the way we choose to look at the world, to stay curious and available for any experience that comes our way, and to tell our stories in personal and meaningful ways. This demands courage. Setting onto a journey to train your creativity you also train your courage to be real, to experiment, to express, to be seen.

Tools of this workshop include lots of experimentation, exploration and exercises for creative thinking, for dealing with obstacles in the creative process, storytelling in different forms, making things with your own hands, embodied inquiry, and others.

Foresta Collective is an interdisciplinary collective dedicating our work to personal and global sustainability. We research and write about subjects, organise events and learning experiences within this context. Our approach is rooted in collaborative creativity, artistic sensibilities, embodied culture and holistic perspectives. We work with people from different walks of life (individuals, organisations, educational and cultural institutions). New approaches to work and education, to creativity and arts, human relationality and togetherness, transdisciplinary practices and embodied intelligence — these are the core subjects at the heart of our interests and the work we do. Finding new forms of those are the key elements in making space for a more sustainable society to emerge, that is inspiring people to live and develop in their plurality being part of Earth's ecosystems and cherishing all life forms on this planet.

About the mentors for this workshop:

Diego Mallo is a contributor to Foresta Collective, a visual artist and illustrator working in editorial, press, commercial and children’s illustration. He is an associate teacher of "Color theory and research" at the Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design at the LCI Barcelona. Interdisciplinary experimentation defines his style, from naturalistic drawing to visual poetry, photo illustration and collage or paper sculptures.

Sabina Enéa Téari is the founder of Foresta Collective. Her work is dedicated to personal and global sustainability in a broader sense and the connection between the two. She works internationally designing and facilitating learning experiences, cultural projects, interdisciplinary events, and individual consultations in the context of integral sustainability, collaborative creativity and embodied culture.