Finding your own voice - Taster Workshop


Finding your own voice - Taster Workshop


A learning experience about integrity and purpose

When: 7 February 2019 18h-21h

Where: MOB BLN(

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For Who: Everyone. Finding your true voice and a vibrant purpose of your business is a key asset in any sector, industry or market. It will be particularly useful for those interested in integrity at work.

Course content:

This workshop is about finding integrity, purpose and place in the ecosystem of the world of work. It’s about finding your personal agency: what do you stand for, what is your voice in the world. We look at human voice in direct and metaphorical terms. To find one’s real voice means finding one’s own inner compass instead of imitating heroes. As Parker J. Palmer writes: “before you tell your life what truths and values you want to live up to, let your life tell you what truths you embody”. The risk of a common “outside in” approach to mapping one’s personal values is that our efforts to express ourselves and build our way in life can remain separated from the roots of who we are. In this way, your voice also stands for personal integrity, for becoming more conscious of your own values and coming up with ways to integrate them into your life and work.

During this interactive workshop, we will introduce key themes and techniques, we will also invite you to engage in exercises, discuss what the insights we share would actually look like when applied in your work, and so on.  

Foresta Collective is an interdisciplinary collective dedicating our work to personal and global sustainability. We research and write about subjects, organise events and learning experiences within this context. Our approach is rooted in collaborative creativity, artistic sensibilities, embodied culture and holistic perspectives. We work with people from different walks of life (individuals, organisations, educational and cultural institutions). New approaches to work and education, to creativity and arts, human relationality and togetherness, transdisciplinary practices and embodied intelligence — these are the core subjects at the heart of our interests and the work we do. Finding new forms of those are the key elements in making space for a more sustainable society to emerge, that is inspiring people to live and develop in their plurality being part of Earth's ecosystems and cherishing all life forms on this planet.

About the mentors for this workshop:

Philipp Hellman is a contributor to Foresta Collective and the founder of Stimme Berlin. State-certified breathing, speech and voice teacher (Schlaffhorst/Andersen). Further education in potential-oriented voice work (Daniel Prieto), and natural rituals (Reinhold H.Schäfer). Gives workshops and voice coaching for actors, speakers, executives, and others, since 2011.

Sabina Enéa Téari is the founder of Foresta Collective. Her work is dedicated to personal and global sustainability in a broader sense and the connection between the two. She works internationally designing and facilitating learning experiences, cultural projects, interdisciplinary events, and individual consultations in the context of integral sustainability, collaborative creativity and embodied culture.