Caves are our unifying human cultural heritage. Caves were there long before humans separated into groups, nations, religions. In caves the art of our civilization was born. We are interested in the cave as a metaphor, as a thread in human history. A connection to ancient humans. Ancestors of all. Cultural history going across thousands of years. We have designed “Cave adventures” as a fusion between a workshop and a participatory art installation. Through movement and drawing, sound and light, paper cutouts and shadows play, art installation and projections of moving images, we create a space where kids’ creativity can unfold naturally. Their curiosity and sense of adventure wake up as we venture together on the journey into the cave.

The workshop is using the cave installation and offers kids playful participatory experience. It is designed as a meeting place of analog and digital, poetic and scientific, artistic and experiential, learning and expressing. Every child is invited to co-create her or his experience in this workshop. We venture on a journey into the mountains together, nurturing sense of exploration and discovery. We do some fun movement exercises in the group. Then kids are invited to engage in making their own animals using different artistic mediums: drawing, cut-outs, printing. Each kid is then invited to enter into the cave, to explore it with a torch, to experience shadow play created by other kids from outside, and when reaching the end of the cave to discover their own handmade animals projected onto the wall. In this final act latest technologies contribute to the creation of a surprise, sense of magic and delight.