This workshop is a part of our City Lab workshop series. How do we live in the cities and how do cities live in us? As a Russian street artist Radya writes in his urban art manifesto, our whole inner world is linked to the city; this connection is perpetuated through all of our senses. The city is the footprint we leave behind. It’s a faithful imprint of our times and ideas. The relationship between the inner and the outer worlds is the key element of street art. In “City Lab” workshops we explore questions of How do children and young people imagine the city they genuinely want to live in? What do they miss in cities of today? What could cities of the future be like? And how can we start bringing these dreams into reality today?


Autumn workshop for Teens at Bauhaus Campus Berlin. Reflecting, imagining, playing, thinking, planning, feeling, building, shaping, filming. Around the subject of making cities we want to inhabit.



PART 1: Architecture.

PART 2: Landscape Architecture.

PART 3: Manifesto and living together.

Part 4: Inhabitants.

Part 5: Video animation.


We thank our partners and collaborators: Skolla, Bauhaus Museum Campus Berlin, Van Bo Le-Mentzel, Katja Schneider, Cristian Wiesenfeld, Sophie Jackson.