cocreation.Woods is a format of interdisciplinary encounters that we are developing in collaboration with our friends at This series of events is dedicated to cultural transformation. It builds on "Woods in the City" with its intellectual and cultural encounters and artistic interventions, and merges with multi-sensory dinner experiences. What is being born out of this encounter is a cultural, intellectual, physical, emotional, and culinary journey. This journey is dedicated to an exploration of questions around how do we want to live, to learn, and to work in the contemporary world, to a more conscious, sustainable and poetic living.

Each time this event is being created thanks to collaborative synergy of people from different walks of life. To give space to unique forms of creative expression to emerge and new ideas to be born, for each journey we invite a new team of artists, speakers and chefs to come and co-create this Gesamtkunstwerk. It emphasises the experience of immersion rather than evaluating observation. Each such laboratory for a holistic experience contains a mixture between philosophical outlook and culinary experience, intellectual input and reflection, silence and embodied awareness, emotional layer and artistic dimension, serendipity and the unknown.

Do you recognise that feeling — when you are surrounded by friends and like-minded individuals, you feel supported in this togetherness, you are inspired by new inputs, you bounce ideas off each other, and suddenly new clarity reveals itself, doors open, new horizons become visible, undiscovered perspectives come to life. From these moments usually best projects are born. cocreation.Woods is a doula for this kind of meaningful experiences. People from different walks of life come and co-create this multi-layered journey within a larger subject of sustainable living. We believe in the power of creativity and cross-disciplinary pollination to fuel meaningful action.

Why multi-sensory, you might ask. Why don't we just talk about things, as usual. As far as we know, through the millions of years of our evolution we had to sacrifice one of our senses (and the tail). The senses we are left with (arguably 5 to 7) need to be cultivated and celebrated in order to survive the digital age. Humans also have multiple intelligences with a similar destiny. Parts of us can become endangered species unless we pay attention to them, to our perception and life experience through them. So cocreation.Woods is also a space for protection of multitudes of life forms in people. It’s a cultural journey that involves different aspects of being human, each finding their place “in the family of things”.


Being Transformation

It’s fascinating and inspiring to live in this time of human history. Cultural paradigms and values are shifting. There is an increasing sense that basic ideas we are guided by and those that shape structures we’ve built to make sense of the world are becoming outdated: the “factory model” of education, mindless overconsumption of planetary resources, intolerance to cultural pluralism, ways of production that lead to environmental degradation, superficial short-term economics-driven politics, neoliberal mindset, cultural integrities challenged by the rapid digitalisation and slow catching up of social and emotional development, and so on. 

People interested in intentional cultural change, and those who are involved in the process of contributing to this change will gather at cocreation.woods. We invite thinkers and doers from different sectors (culture, business, education, science, arts and others) who dedicate their work to conscious co-creation of new culture. What is this new culture about and what are the common denominators of it across and beyond different “departments” of society — that’s the question we set off to explore. Enriched by cross-pollinated viewpoints, we want to find common insights that cross disciplinary boundaries and make it possible for us to support each other in our own transformative processes. 

Date: May 31st, 18:30h 

Speakers and contributors: Julia von Winterfeldt (new work, leadership, change), Hanzi Freinacht (culture, philosophy, politics),  Maria Reich (music, voice, expression of the intangible) 

Dinner: The culinary experience is created by a team of chefs: Inés Lauber Studio, Erin Lang, Andrea Iannicella and Siobhan Dammert. It plays with the theme of the forest as a metaphor of a society we wish for: where cultures, creativity, curiosity, sustainability, awareness, and all the different fields of human activity and knowledge organically grow together into a mutually supportive global community.

. welcome drink
  "a taste of forest" 

. aperitif
  "sowing seeds"

. first course
  "making grow" 

. main course
  "becoming a forest"

. dessert
  "the sweetness of belonging"

Visual Strolls exhibition: Every season a new artist enters our online forest. Our favourite creators from around the world are bringing a new season to LaForesta by designing a seasonal portrait every 3 months, which then becomes part of our Museum of Seasons. During our events we are showcasing the work of our creators, visual strolls from their online galleries.  

Documentation: A team of artists is documenting the event in drawings, words, photos, videos: Liza Ostrovska (visual artist), Alessandro Rovere (photographer, videographer), Johan Planefeldt (film-maker), Egor Sviridenko (photography).  

Location: co-creation loft, Berlin

Tickets: Eventbrite

Impressions from the event