Interdisciplinary Creathon

Interdisciplinary Woods Creathon is a challenge, a call to thinking and acting, that lasts between 1 and 3 days and invites participants to think about and develop ideas/concepts/products/projects within the chosen subject in an interdisciplinary setting. Subjects can be anything that is important to humanity at the moment. It can be something general like: what is the future of food, education, relationships, cities, mobility, etc etc. Or something concrete like: How can innovative practices in the arts provide alternative ways of looking at social impact? Workflow is divided between inputs from both the ‘external world’ professionals (artists, scientists, designers, academics, etc) and ‘internal world’ explorers (embodiment, movement, body attention, and wellbeing coaches, artists, poets), as well as the implementation sessions where participants are working on their projects in groups and individually. 

The program of a Creathon is designed to allow individuals and organizations to tackle challenges using collaborative innovation: access to a diverse community of innovators, tools, prototyping capabilities, a variety of methodologies that help to bring their ideas and projects to the next level. Whether it’s a team of students with an idea, a startup looking to build a new business, a company planning its innovation strategy or creating a new product, Creathon is designed to support the process and help you achieve a breakthrough. We often integrate Creathon format into Woods in the City Research in Public (click here for an example), as well as into Woods For the City.