Creativity is a way of being, thinking, and doing. It’s an ongoing and never-ending practice in finding an honest expression of ourselves in the world. Always in a state of becoming, always in movement. It demands attention and courage. It’s a lifelong training. This workshop aims to give some tools on this journey, to engage the body in mindful and purposeful way and open up to improvisation. Through training physical presence and embodied awareness we learn to disentangle ourselves from scripts and learned expectations that inhibit us, we learn to recognise and move out of patterns that censor our honest expression and spontaneity. Stretching the body we stretch our imagination. Becoming spacious we give space to our ideas. The second part of the workshop offers a set of exercises and explorations through a variety of media: writing, drawing, storytelling.


Collaborative Creativity

An extension of this workshop is a workshop for creative processes that happen in collaboration. If you want to learn and practice thinking creatively together as a team we will guide you through a few experiences coming from different disciplines to get you started. For example, a jazz musician will share her approach to group improvisation in a contemporary jazz band, and teach some basic group improvisation skills. A martial arts trainer will introduce the concepts of attention to your partner, and participants will learn exercises on embodied attention in a group.