Creativity Cookbook is a collection of shared insights and experiences about creative processes and artistic expression. These forces of creativity do not belong to any particular field, they are interdisciplinary and essential part of our humanity. Thanks to them we have the capacity to widen our lives any moment, to enter into the unstoppable flow of seeking and discovering, to resist popular opinions, vulgarity and boredom. Creativity Cookbook is made up by people who ride creative waves as their work, daily curiosity, or way of living. Where does a wish to create come from? What encourages creativity to grow? What tunes people in and moves them? How are projects born and carried out?

Thomas Maitz
designer and founder of Perludi

Viola Niccolai

Mazz Swift

Violeta Lopiz

Roxanne de Bastion

Joanna Concejo
artist and illustrator

Eamon O'Kane
interdisciplinary artist

Ramuntcho Matta
arts educator

Igor Kazakov
puppet theatre director

Brigitte Deval
maker of dolls and sculptures

Martina Vanda
illustrator, ceramist

design studio