Creativity takes Courage is a research and workshops in creativity series that Violeta Lópiz and Sabina Enéa Téari started in 2015 that as a continuation became part of Foresta Academy. Dedicated to the question of what creativity is and can be for the world, to individual and collective creative courage and confidence. Creative confidence, as confidence in one’s natural creative abilities, is not only reserved for creative professionals but for everyone wishing to enhance their process of creation, problem-solving, original thinking, and finding new ways.

Forces of creativity are trans-disciplinary and essential part of our humanity. Thanks to them we have the capacity to widen our lives any moment, to enter into the unstoppable flow of seeking and discovering, to re-invent ourselves and our world, to resist popular opinions, vulgarity and boredom. They remind us to never stop exploring. Creativity is also an ability to see and to think differently, to stretch the habitual comfort zone and to find solutions in new unknown situations. Creativity is available to everyone anytime: it’s the way we choose to look at the world, to stay curious and available for any experience that comes our way, and to tell our stories in personal and meaningful ways. This demands courage to be real, to experiment, to express, to be seen.

Tools of this workshops series include experimentation, embodied inquiry, exploration and exercises for creative thinking, for dealing with obstacles in the creative process, storytelling in different forms, making things with your own hands. We offer a choice between the following media as expression tools in the workshops, depending on the needs of the team we are designing for: illustration, drawing, painting, film-making, design, animation, theatre, sculpture, writing, installation, voice, book-making, embroidery, photography, music, dance, land art, food design, or cross-pollination between different media. Depending on the skills required we will put together a team of professionals to co-design the experience with us. To get to know our team click here.

Each time we propose a more concrete subject of the workshop depending on the group we are creating this experience for. If you are curious to find out more or to discuss a possibility of such a workshop for your team >>


Impressions from workshops at Bard College Berlin, Stadtbad Wedding Berlin, Spreeacker Berlin, Bologna Children Book Fair, MAD Summer School of Design,

Pictures by V.Lópiz, S.E.Téari, R.Funts, T.Lucans, G.Lehman 

Graphics and illustrations by Violeta Lópiz