Education Differently are stories about the initiatives that change our mindset on education. It's based on meeting the challengers of the status quo, the daring ones that are building and transforming worlds, putting their values before profit and dogmas. Here they talk about their projects. 

what creativity can be for the world

Monique Zijp is an artist and arts educator, creative professional and consultant. She works at the Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts & Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, and leads her own interdisciplinary theatre company EELT. Here she talks about her projects, about introducing a broad audience to creativity as one of the main tools to contribute to new solutions for questions in our world. 

on changing mindsets and behaviours, on the purpose of schools, and on far reaching consequences of education systems

Gerald Hüther is a neurobiologist, writer, researcher, professor and education reformer. He is a co-creator of "Schule im Aufbruch" movement ("School in Transition") as well as "Akademie für Potentialentfaltung" ("Academy for the unfolding of human potential").


an invitation to be with children in a different way, to create, to invent, to play and to explore together

Coline Irwin is an educator for small children and a co-founder together with Séléna Mc Mahan of Association Peekaboo! Their work is mainly focused on creation of playful and imaginative workshops for children and their parents. Beside developing creativity, curiosity, and adventurous spirit in the little explorers of the world, they also create a space where the relationships between adults and kids are changing from the usual routines to a more attentive and respectful being together.

intertwining arts and cultures with simple life in nature, among animals, plants and humans

Roberta Petrini, the creatrice of Le Trouillet: a project aiming to give a form, voice, and taste to a certain way of seeing the world, the mindfulness of someone who's respect towards nature means to be fine tuned with it. It's an invitation to cooperate and create together for the artists, artisans and anyone who has something to teach and to express. Living close to nature, next to the animals, in a respectful way, as well as local organic food production also belong to the foundation of this project. 

in the forest we find out who we are. trees have lots to teach us about our origins, time, speed, creativity and balanced life

Francis Hallé is a botanist, biologist, life-long researcher and explorer of tropical rainforests around the world. He is one of the initiators of "Radeau des cimes" ("Navigating the peaks") - scientific expeditions in an aerostatic balloon on biodiversity of tropical forest. In 2010, together with Luc Jacquet they started to collaborate for a Wild-Touch film project, La Forêt des pluies, which in 2013 was released as a documentary film "Il était une forêt" (Once upon a forest).

where there is fun there is also learning!

Segni Mossi is a research project born from the meeting between Alessandro Lumare (visual artist) and Simona Lobefaro (dancer and choreographer). Segni Mossi investigates the relationship between dance and the graphic sign. Aiming to create an environment dedicated to exploration it offers a way of learning where discovery and amazement are at the center.

100 children - 100 personal learning pathways: Agora education

Jan Fasen, chairman of the Mundium College and 4 other schools in Roermond, the Netherlands. He is a co-founder of an experimental educational project - AGORA: education with the promise "100 children - 100 personal learning pathways". He is also a co-founder of Heyy, a modern meeting, learning and innovation center in Roermond.

driving spirit of innovation and curiosity in the world of academia, arts and sciences

Bernard Rentier is a biologist, an innovator, a reformer, Open Science crusader and a pioneer of the Open Access (OA) movement in the academic world. Being rector of the University of Liège (ULg), he has urged his University as well as Belgian National Fund for Scientific Research and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to sign the Berlin Declaration on OA and has been very active in developing “the Liege Model of OA”. Bernard has started conducting reforms at ULg to foster interdisciplinary on the university level, resulting in university's largest laboratory in the field of cellular and molecular biology - GIGA-Neurosciences. He is also one of the initiators of VERDIR, a multidisciplinary project to rehabilitate an old industrial site into the space for urban agriculture, based on circular economy.