Mini-Symposium: Education Mojo. Between Self and the World

17 - 19 May 2019, Berlin

This mini-Symposium is a participatory research and exchange of insights and practices between the invited contributors from different corners of the world and the interested audience. Dedicated to the question of what education is and can be. What is education were a work of art? What attitudes are guiding educational processes? How can generation and transfer of knowledge be expanded to include the corporal, sensual and affective dimensions? What is the importance of such aspects as time and rhythms, indoor and outdoor space, body (physicality and perception), ‘I’ and ‘the World’ (relationship between personal process of becoming and being part of a larger whole) within educational processes? These are the question we dedicate this event to.

Setting the Stage

Technological development is changing the world, even if it is taking place at different territorial speeds, it is a global phenomenon. Our society is becoming more diverse, life paths are becoming more individual, the meaning of norms and values is changing. Integration into the globalised world and technical innovations lead to novel ethical dilemmas and paradoxes which represent a great challenge to the humanity’s sagacity. We are interested in a fundamental question: What is education in the context of contemporary societies and which practices of education we need in order to create a healthy and sustainable world in response to social modernization?

Within the framework of this mini-symposium the concept and practices of education will be discussed with international representatives from various disciplines. We are interested in a holistic approach to the dominant cognitive concept of education, in supplementing it with aesthetic, emotional, physical, ethical and social dimensions. We are also interested in open honest engagement with these questions, not in a defence of any one particular methodology. The first part of the programme consists of project presentations accentuating their practical implications and will be delivered by artists, scientists, educators, and activists. In the second part there will be an opportunity to experiment, work in smaller groups, develop ideas, and try out different practices and media.

This mini symposium aims to create a space in which knowledge is not consumed, but questioned, and where new forms of knowledge and methods can be created collectively. One of its goals is to formulate specific ideas on a new orientation in education and to design innovative approaches for educational work. Another important goal is to network the actors of different directions and to initiate transdisciplinary educational formats outside of this event.

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To continue reading our reflections on education >> click here, and visit our academy for adults and studio for children for more insights into our practice within the educational field, as well as that of our partners and co-creators of this event skolla.

Education Mojo is co-organised by La Foresta, initiative skolla and Koopkultur e.V. association.

La Foresta is an international community that researches new forms and formats for sustainable, creative and healthy living, working and learning. The learning environments and projects it designs are oriented towards a transdisciplinary worldview that transcends the narrow boundaries of disciplinary thinking and allows us to see connections between things and through them explore the world around and within us. Rooted in embodied culture, La Foresta offers learning experiences for adults at Foresta Academy and for children at Foresta Kids.

skolla is a platform for educators, creatives and scientists to jointly develop and implement interdisciplinary educational projects and teaching ideas. skolla wants to network people and institutions who are interested in transdisciplinary cooperation formats in education and want to actively promote them.

Koopkultur e.V. is the result of the cooperation of the two initiatives with each other and with other actors*. Koopkultur is an association dedicated to promoting a culture of cooperation. The role model of cooperation is practiced across the arts, work and all areas of life. Cooperation between different disciplines and areas is to be strengthened experimentally and sustainably.

Luis Camnitzer,  Landscape as an Attitude , 1979. Courtesy Alexander Gray associates and the artist

Luis Camnitzer, Landscape as an Attitude, 1979. Courtesy Alexander Gray associates and the artist