In this workshop series we look at one of our core principles — embodied culture. Embodied culture is rooted in the journey towards cultural transformation, where the values guiding human life are shifting: personal enlivening and purposeful living replace the traditional ideas of success, relationships grow to be mutually aware partnerships, attention to life around and within, balance and respect of differences, and holistic mindset become unifying embodied principles. Embodied Culture is a culture with an expanded field of attention at its roots, inspired by the integrity of Earth’s living systems. It’s seeking re-integration of the world in a larger sense. Our health is in our re-connection, in that all parts of ourselves are integrated. Thinking, feeling, senses, intuition, rationality, desires, physicality — all the different aspects of human experience are playing together like a jazz band, unified in free play. How can embodied culture come back into our lives? This is the question in the center of this workshop series. On the way we look at a variety of subjects from "togetherness" and "personal sustainability" to "creative confidence", which we explore through a variety of media (conversations, illustration, sculpture, music, animation, theatre, design, or other proposed by our experts and chosen by you). We connect a chosen subject with the practice of embodied awareness, and offer an interdisciplinary approach. These experiences aim to shift the habit of treating the world as a divided place that can be looked at from the outside but not lived in, sensed and felt. Inspired by the Bauhaus Movement, Black Mountain College, as well as Maurice Merleau-Ponty and his work on embodiment, perception, and ontology.

Part 1

Culture is like the soil we grow from. It nurtures us and shapes us in profound ways. It extends around us in circles — starting with individual culture reaching outwards to larger communities (family, organisation, country, etc). Embodied culture is a holistic approach to culture that fosters social transformation and leads to more sustainability, well-being and creativity in life. In this introductory workshop we will share with you some of the work Foresta Collective is doing around this subject: what are the elements, principles and values of an embodied culture, and what does it mean for individuals on a personal level. There will be some theoretical insights, conversations, reflections, practice and exercises.

Part 2
Personal Sustainability through Body and Mind Sync

Personal sustainability is an ability to sustain ourselves, to be well in any area of our experience. This workshop aims to raise participants’ awareness (from daily details of how we walk through our day to the way we communicate with others), and to develop personal sustainability as an attitude in life, as a decision to be well in any area of one’s experience. Whether it is about one’s physical and mental health, or relationships with people around. This workshop offers a way to discover the existing connections between mind, perception, expression, emotions, behaviour and the physical body and to integrate these different parts into a more harmonious whole. It is based on learning to pay attention, to be honest with what we perceive and express, what we want and don’t want.

Part 3
Relationality and Collaborative Mindset

The world is a living process of mutually transforming relationships. In any work – people are the most important. If you find the right people you will be rowing together in the same direction, towards a shared vision. And it will be fun. Often conflicts and misunderstandings get in the way. How can we cooperate better, relate to each other with less “labels” and express more freely who we are? How to create an environment where nobody needs to compromise, obediently submit or control others? How to give criticism in a contructive way? How can everyone tap into their individual’s personal strengths and wisdom, expand their capabilities, confidence and resilience, and be part of building strong and trustworthy relationships in the working environment and elsewhere in life? These are the questions at the center of this workshop. The participants will be offered a set of tools, exercises and experiences in a group that aim to bring more physical awareness, drop unnecessary efforts and feel more free while connecting to people.

Part 4
Creativity and Being in the World

Everyone is an artist. Meaning, first and foremost, a designer of one’s own life. We know this from Joseph Beuys who looked at creativity in terms of the inner powers which inhabit human beings and which can be developed further, so that self-realisation can happen. Creativity has to do with being true to yourself and your expression, confidence in your personal trajectories and inspiration from the continuously changing world around. Using artistic tools such as storytelling, drawing, writing, painting and playing with colours, we will set onto a journey to uncover everyone’s own creativity and integrate this spirit of creativity and genuine expression of yourself into your daily life.