In the world where we so often live in the digital and virtual, we are interested in exploring sensory perception. Often our attention is dominated by visual culture at the expense of the other senses. Children spend a lot of time in front of the screens, and sometimes for hours a day they just use their eyes to gather information. The visual sense is very direct, it shows us “what is” and does not leave much room for the imagination. The sense of smell, touch, hearing, taste, are strongly connected with concepts of the body, emotions and cultural memory.

Exploration and development of senses is one of the subject we find very important in todays’s digital world. Our senses allow us to perceive reality around on multiple levels, to develop attention and experience the world around through smell, taste, sound, feeling, seeing. We can also direct our attention inside, and perceive what do we feel there, the emotions we experience at this moment, the way we breath, our inner experiences, intuitions, sensations. This is a sense of interoceptive awareness.

Below some impressions from developing senses programmes for kindergarten children, school kids, teens, and educators.

Smell Lab


The project “Home where the nose is” is dedicated to the sense of smell. It combines interpersonal communication, chemistry, psychology and neuroscience, botany, movement and art. With this project we want to spend time exploring the world around us through the sense of smell with children, developing attention for scents, creating our own scents, and thereby also telling stories. Some impressions from a collaborative project with Skolla for teens between 13 and 15 years old. Heinrich-von-Stephan Gemeinschaftsschule Berlin.

Workshop for Educators working with children