Voice is one of the most direct and immediate human expressions, the sound that we carry, the music that we are. Voice and the body as a whole, where voice lives, influence our sense of self, our presence, and relationships we build with the world around. Through our voices we communicate to the outer world things that matter to us (and not to our grandmothers, neighbours or school teachers). However, the connection to this expression of what's important can sometimes become brittle, as if we forget or don't distinguish anymore what is ours and what belongs to our grooming. We then run the risk that our efforts to express ourselves remain separated from the root of who we are. During this workshop we begin to re-inhabit our bodies and our voices anew, we begin to let go of beliefs and habits that have tied our bodies and our voices into a small room. In a protected space of exploration we begin to re-discover a more honest expression of who we are at this moment in our lives.

This workshop includes lunch, prepared by the food designer from our team. Lunch reflects the subject of this workshop: it focuses on the questions of voice and sound, and explores what does it mean when it comes to food.

This workshop is offered within Innocence and Experience course. To get to know more details about the context, theme, as well as people behind this workshop click here.

Impressions from a workshop in Berlin, November 2018 at cocreation.loft

Cover image by Vanessa Rodegher