We design experiences for museums and cultural institutions that create new cultural landmarks and contribute to formation of a more embodied culture. Culture is like a forest. It contains multitudes. It is growing and transforming, going through seasons and enduring storms. Modern cultural institutions are active agents in shaping it. They engage in a conversation on meaning and significance of art and culture in different areas of life, contribute to practices for re-integration of our world in a broader sense, and promote qualities and abilities so crucial for a sustainable future: creativity, collaboration, interdisciplinary and holistic thinking, by becoming multidimensional spaces for learning, and supporting their local communities in being sustainable, resilient and prosperous in the long run. Foresta Academy aims to support you in these bold and delicate endeavours. We are an interdisciplinary network of thinkers and creators dedicated to support cultural change-makers in audience development by designing and facilitating custom learning experiences as well as spaces of inquiry, experimentation and immersive experiences that contribute to a more embodied culture. By embodied culture we understand a more re-integrated world that is lived in, sensed and felt; that grows from re-unifying human intelligence, body and mind, thinking and feeling, theory and practice; that is born from deeper listening and more sincere communication. For more info about our values and principles visit the About page. Below you will find some examples of formats that we offer.

Our Approach

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Holistic approach + Interdisciplinarity

Creativity + Curiosity

Big-picture thinking is crucial for the challenges of today and tomorrow. 
We bring together professionals from culture, education, science and embodied awareness, and facilitate learning formats where one gets exposed to new ideas and methods. Resilient culture relies on awakened curiosity for lifelong exploration beyond and above specialisation boundaries.

Creativity is a force that changes our state of attention and ways we do things. 
Creativity is an inherent drive to experiment, inquire, ask questions, develop own originality, generate new ideas and apply them in practice. It enables people to respond imaginatively to life and the world, to be uniquely themselves. Creativity can be learned and fostered by each of us.

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Collaboration + Empathy

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Personal Sustainability + Wellbeing

Collaboration is the art of conviviality, working and being together with empathy and respect. 
We live in the world where ability to collaborate is becoming more and more crucial for living together in peace, bringing communities together, facilitating intercultural dialogue, mutual awareness, learning to trust and to be trustworthy.

Well-being provides a solid foundation for life. It leads to well-doing, both on individual and collective levels. 
We want to contribute to building a more embodied culture. Through scientific yet simple practices of putting mind and body in sync, we avoid many health symptoms, become more present and focused, less stressed and better collaborators.



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