We design and facilitate holistic learning experiences that support educational institutions in building embodied, collaborative and resilient learning cultures. Learning culture is like a forest. It's an ecosystem. It contains multitudes. It is transforming and regenerating. Each learning culture is unique. A strong and resilient culture engages, educates and empowers. It prepares students for life, cultivates qualities and abilities crucial for the future of any individual: creativity and management of attention, personal sustainability and emotional literacy, empathy and collaboration, as well as holistic transdisciplinary thinking. Our collective supports you in this bold and delicate endeavour of growing your forest. We are an interdisciplinary network of thinkers, creators and practitioners who support educational change-makers in building innovative cultures of learning. We design and facilitate custom learning experiences in different formats that aim to develop the above mentioned qualities and foster creative, collaborative and personally sustainable learning cultures — connecting viewpoints from different disciplines, theory and practice, inner and outer world, and are rooted in embodied culture. To read more about what we mean by that, as well as to get to know our team, our values and principles >> click here. Below you will find some examples of formats that we offer.

Our Approach

We are convinced that higher educational institutions contribute meaningfully and vastly to society by becoming multidimensional spaces for learning and supporting their students not only in acquiring professional skills but also giving them a good base for life: for dealing with many challenges of contemporary sociocultural, environmental and political contexts. We believe in connecting inner world education with professional skills. When unquestioned values become an object for reflection our personal freedom expands. In the same way as emotions, when listened to and reflected upon, allow for responsible active choices and influence our ability to act in the world.

From our point of view the skills and qualities that help individuals to be sustainable, resilient and prosperous in the long-run have to do with holistic interdisciplinary thinking, creative and collaborative mindset, as well as personal sustainability (wellbeing in a larger sense). In order to bring interdisciplinary perspectives into learning experiences we collaborate with contributors from across different fields: artists, neuroscientists, designers, philosophers, musicians, architects, dancers, cultural innovators, illustrators, academics, martial artists, biologists, film-makers, and others. Embodied learning is at the core of any of our formats. By embodiment we understand the meeting between theory and practice, as a way to embody the qualities mentioned above and build character. We are strongly convinced that a more embodied culture is a more empathetic, collaborative, creative and sustainable culture. With this in mind we design and facilitate all our activities tailored to your context and needs. Here is more information on our approach.

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Holistic approach + Interdisciplinarity

Creativity + Curiosity

Big-picture thinking is crucial for the challenges of today and tomorrow. 
We bring together professionals from culture, education, science and embodied awareness, and facilitate learning formats where one gets exposed to new ideas and methods. Resilient culture relies on awakened curiosity for lifelong exploration beyond and above specialisation boundaries.

Creativity is a force that changes our state of attention and ways we do things. 
Creativity is an inherent drive to experiment, inquire, ask questions, develop own originality, generate new ideas and apply them in practice. It enables people to respond imaginatively to life and the world, to be uniquely themselves. Creativity can be learned and fostered by each of us.

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Collaboration + Empathy

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Personal Sustainability + Wellbeing

Collaboration is the art of conviviality, working and being together with empathy and respect. 
We live in the world where ability to collaborate is becoming more and more crucial for living together in peace, bringing communities together, facilitating intercultural dialogue, mutual awareness, learning to trust and to be trustworthy.

Well-being provides a solid foundation for life. It leads to well-doing, both on individual and collective levels. 
We want to contribute to building a more embodied culture. Through scientific yet simple practices of putting mind and body in sync, we avoid many health symptoms, become more present and focused, less stressed and better collaborators.



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