New Work

We design a variety of learning experiences and formats for companies interested in the cultures of New Work. We are convinced that some of the wisest and most sustainable methods developed to tackle problems of modern life are based on nature's holistic solution strategies and that’s where we look for inspiration. Organisational culture is like a forest. It's an ecosystem. It contains multitudes: a variety of people from different backgrounds and walks of life. A strong and resilient culture engages, educates and empowers. We want to support you in this bold and delicate endeavour of growing your forest. We are an interdisciplinary network of thinkers, creators and practitioners who support modern company leaders in building collaborative and empathic organisational cultures. We design and facilitate custom learning experiences in different formats tailored to your context and needs, rooted in embodied culture. To read more about what we mean by that, as well as about our values and principles >> click here. Most of our workshops are designed together with experts from different fields from our network. Below you will find some examples of formats that we offer.

Our Approach

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Holistic approach + Interdisciplinarity

Big-picture thinking is crucial for the challenges of today and tomorrow. 
We bring together professionals from business, culture, education, science and sport, and facilitate learning formats where you get exposed to their ideas and methods. Resilient innovation culture relies on awakened curiosity for lifelong learning beyond and above specialisation boundaries.

Creativity + Poetry

Originality and fulfilment grow from creative and poetic thinking, doing and being. 
Creativity can be learned and fostered by each of us. This unique human ability is one of the most valuable soft skills for the future of every industry. It is also a way to discover unobvious but meaningful connections through colliding and combining fragmented information.

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Collaboration + Empathy

In any work — people are most important. 
People who you trust and who trust you. People having a mutual awareness, moving in the same direction towards shared vision and goals. Collaboration is the art of working together with empathy and respect. Nurturing а collaborative culture provides for efficient and sustainable teams, which can innovate and scale.

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Personal Sustainability + WellBeing

Well-being provides a solid foundation for work environments. 
It leads to well-doing, both on individual and collective levels. Through scientific yet simple practices of putting our mind and body in sync, we avoid many health symptoms, become more present and focused, less stressed and better collaborators.



Subjects we work with in our workshops and other experiences we design are grouped in these three modules:

Creativity and Sustainable Innovation
Dealing with the Unknown
Creative Thinking
Curiosity and Inquiry
Improvisation and Self-expression
Creative Problem-solving
Critical Thinking

Collaboration and Empathy
Collaborative Creativity
Empathy and Shared Direction
Purpose and Group Identity
Self-confidence in a Team
Conflict Resolution
Trust for Teams

Well-being at Work
Stress Management
Emotional Intelligence
Resilience and Daily Relaxation
Focus and Concentration
Vitality and Energetic Recharge
Mindfulness at Work



* Workshops

* Process Facilitation

* Retreats

People feel better and perform better and more sustainably when four basic needs are met: renewal (physical); value (emotional), focus (mental) and purpose (spiritual). 
— Tony Schwarz, Harvard Business Review


Associating, or the ability to successfully connect seemingly unrelated questions, problems, or ideas from different fields, is central to the innovator's DNA. 
Clayton M. Christensen, author of "disruption" & "disruptive innovation" concepts