A poetic journey into concepts and practices of multi-layered sustainability

We think of sustainability as holistic wellbeing. Global sustainability grows from the personal and relational one. Physical wellbeing cannot be separated from the emotional, mental, social, or environmental. Human wellbeing is inevitably connected to the wellbeing of the world around — the quality of water, air, soil, food; from what we perceive, sense and interact with, including our relationships with other people and the natural environments. This workshop builds a link between personal, relational and environmental sustainability and offers practices to integrate this mindset into the everyday life for a long-term commitment.

In this workshop, drawing and book-making become tools for personal and collective reflection. Participants of the workshop create own books on the subject of multi-layered sustainability. This allows for each individual to approach the subject in a way that is imaginative and suitable to them personally. To ask questions like, what does sustainability mean to me in my life? How to best take care of the inner and outer forests? What would it be like to live in a world where everyone took this subject to a personal level first, and inner and outer sustainability became a core value? What kind of world would we build then? How would we learn? How would we work? What would we care for?

Tools: Conversations, embodied inquiry, walks, drawing, painting, book-making, writing, and other means of creative expression.

This workshop is offered in collaboration with Foresta Artists.

Upcoming workshop with Carolina Celas (autumn 2019 artist-in-residence).


Images by Carolina Celas


This workshop is also possible for children, or intra-generational audience >>

Impressions from past workshops

Images from workshops at Botanical Garden Pankow, University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde, Bergruenmuseum, Spazio Corsivo, streets and parks