Spacial Storytelling

9 November 2019

Forms of Love is dedicated to placing value, to re-appreciating diversity, to a growing sense that striving for an ever greater growth and profit, production and consumption, for being ever faster and more efficient, is depleting Earth and ourselves, and a more balancing act of understanding value is needed that would include more intangible qualities such as care, love, emergence and organic unfolding. We therefore wish to create a space for re-thinking and re-assigning value by bringing together people from different walks of life and engaging in a collective inquiry. In this inquiry we want to go beyond the hegemony of currently mainstream understanding of value inherited from the culture we live in, that doesn’t fit into the infinite diversity of the world. Such hegemony of value leaves many people (and other creatures inhabiting the Earth) with a sensation that they don’t belong, that they are dislocated from their talents, not seen or acknowledged.

How can intangible values be accommodated in the rationalistic value system we have internalised? Can work be driven by love and yet find its place within the current structures? Can learning be based on trust in natural inclinations of children instead of assigning values top down? Can architecture support emergence of spaces of affection? How can we escape the dictatorship of established categories, social protocols and noisy conventions within human relationships? How will more-than-human world be included into our spaces of affection and care?

There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time, Jane Austen wrote. Philia, Eros, Storge, Agape, and all the not inherited and not yet named forms of affection. Love is expressed through the act of caring - for people, ideas, plants, objects, spaces, clouds, oceans, ourselves, or other living beings. Love as creativity can drive our most ancient urge to create, expressing itself through multiple forms, be it through carving an art object, writing a sensuous poem, giving shape to a new profession, making a home, a dinner, or a more humane business model. Forms of Love aims to explore the values we place at the core of how we work, live, and engage with each other and the different aspects of life.

Frame of Forms of Love, as all events of Woods in the City series, unfolds in the context of striving to contribute to multi-layered sustainability mindset, rooted in embodied culture and poly-creativity. It is of multi-lingual nature and therefore contains plurality of forms of expression (words, images, food, objects, spaces). From the moment of its idea through the process of its organisation and the happening itself, the event is a lived practice from inside out, a collaborative artwork between all contributors and participants. We see it unfolding in the format of ‘immersive research workshop’, which emphasises creation of a space where learning happens through experiencing life in common, and where immersing oneself in an experience is preferred to staying at a distance of an evaluating observation. Read more about our events philosophy here >> 

Contributors / Co-creators

Please note: we are still finalising the schedule. More info coming soon.

Love stories as impulses around #architecture #art #body #culture #education #food #philosophy #environment #relationships #work will be shared by

Adrian Schefer & Mascha Fehse
Construct Lab

Collaborative architecture, multidisciplinary incubator

Collaborative architecture, multidisciplinary incubator

Anke Strauss
Working Utopias

Anke Strauss.png

Ayşe Cansu Tanrikulu
Multi-media artist, singer, composer

Music as a way to engage with cultural transformation

Music as a way to engage with cultural transformation

Interdisciplinary design studio + independent book publishing

Interdisciplinary design studio + independent book publishing

Lamia Michna
Tape Over Berlin

Connecting people for collective environmental action

Connecting people for collective environmental action

Tom Kretschmer


More info + Schedule coming soon!

Preliminary duration 10h - 16h


Between a forest and an industrial land, a liminal space, on the river shore under a tilted rooftop…

We will be hosted by J2C Berlin

We will be hosted by J2C Berlin


Pricing of this event is based on individual income. There are 3 kinds of tickets: standard, low income, and supporter. Please note that this event is self-organised and not supported by any institution. The revenue from your tickets is shared between all contributors and co-creators, including food and drinks.

Standard, 1 day: 40 Eur (including lunch and drinks)

Low Income, 1 day: 25 Eur (including lunch and drinks)
(Limited Availability, please email us)

Supporter, 1 day: 55 Eur (including lunch and drinks)

We name mostly in order to control but what is worth loving does not want to be held within the bounds of too narrow a calling. In many ways love has already named us and called us before we can even begin to speak back to it, before we can utter the right words or understand what has happened or is continuing to happen to us: an invitation to the most difficult art of all,
to love without naming.
— David Whyte