An intro journey into concepts and practices of multi-layered sustainability

Global sustainability grows from a personal and a relational one. Sustainability can be described as holistic wellbeing. Physical wellbeing cannot be separated from the emotional, mental, social, or environmental wellbeing. Human wellbeing is inevitably connected to the wellbeing of the world around — the quality of water, air, food; from what we perceive, sense and interact with, including our relationships with other people, and the natural environments. This workshop builds a link between personal, relational and global sustainability and offers practices to integrate this mindset into the everyday life for a long-term commitment.

From our first day at school we are taught to listen to everything and everyone except ourselves. Personal sustainability comes from co-ownership of one’s own path with life, from being engaged and not a passive figure to be moved by someone else, from inner and outer integrity. Individual wellbeing is also social and environmental wellbeing. Sustainable relationships become possible when individual agencies connect on eye-level and embody honest interest, shaping the world together. You will also be invited to explore the natural environment and connect to non-human presence around.

How would it be like to live in a world where inner and outer sustainability is a core value? What kind of world would we build then? How would we learn? How would we work? What would we care for? How would we build relationships, as well as physical environments for different needs? What would we eat and how would we grow our food? How would we relate to the natural environments of this planet? Which stories would we tell? How would we live?

These are the questions at the center of this workshop. We explore the subjects of "personal sustainability", "relationality" and “connection with the environment”, through different media - reflection and conversation, awareness and physical exercises, writing and other forms of expression. 

Impressions from Inner and Outer Forest with students at University for Sustainable Development Eberswalde.
Hosted by the Tiny Collective in June 2019