In this workshop we open a window onto the inner worlds of children. We dance, draw, and model our emotions. We ask ourselves many questions, such as 'what is an emotion', 'how can emotions be described?', 'where do emotions come from?', 'what triggers an emotion?', 'are emotions important in everyday life?. Through this journey of paying attention, identifying, observing, and expressing emotions, children will create an intuitive creature. We use the impulses from body movement and spontaneous drawing for this creation. Drawings are transformed into 3D creatures made of wire and fine aluminium mesh. Finally, the project ends with the staging and lighting of the creatures in a light installation. In collaboration with Alice Baillaud.

Took place at Heinrich-Seidel Schule, Bibliothek am Luisenbad, Olof-Palme-Zentrum. Commissioned by Kinder Kultur Monat 2018