The author of the winter seasonal portrait in 2017/2018 is Karolina Skórka. Karolina is an artist and illustrator from Poland. We are captivated by simplicity, delicacy, and nostalgic mood of her work. Join us in taking a meditative stroll through a selection of some of our favourite works of Karolina in the gallery below. 

La Foresta Portrait by Karolina Skórka: Winter

LaForesta web.jpeg

"Until the age of 10 I lived near a beautiful forest, where I spent every spare moment, sometimes with friends and family but mostly alone sitting on a great oak (now as an adult I know that I was meditating...).  The forest that I left almost 30 years ago is still a part of me, gives me a sense of peace and security now when I live in a big city. This experience deeply influenced my passion for simplicity, for sense of solitude in my art, and attraction to small things in life that many people overlook." 

— Karolina Skórka