This series will bring together different branches of our work and connect them at the same roots. It will be recorded as a podcast. It will explore the concepts and practices of sustainability in its multi-layered understanding. In most discussions and projects sustainability means ways how we achieve a more balanced use of the planet’s resources to ensure that we coexist with other elements of this ecosystem in a most harmonious way that will allow us as a species to survive the longest.

In the contemporary world sustainability also includes regeneration. Holistic sustainability is a mindset. It is not “only” about the environment. Sustainability is also cultural. It’s also about time, attention, trust, attitudes, relationships, economies, spaces, intentions, habits, food, products, habitat. It’s about the material and immaterial circumstances of everyday life, about the tangible and intangible qualities. It’s about that which makes sense on multiple levels. It’s about integrity and care. It includes no less than everything. It starts with personal sustainability, and extends into the spaces we live in, the food we eat, relationships we build, with humans and non-humans.

If we took sustainability as a mindset, what kind of world would we create then? How would we learn? How would we work? What would we care for? How would we build relationships, as well as physical environments for different needs? What would we eat and how would we grow our food? How would we relate to the natural environments of this planet? Which stories would we tell? What organisations would we unite into and which economic models would we build? How would we live?

In these series we’ll talk about sustainability that is not just a beautiful word, not for the instagram, not for the marketing, but that is lived and embodied. We will explore it in a process of collective inquiry, as a conversation and an open exchange of perspectives, with people who experience their work as movement towards a different cultural mindset, making a way for a more sustainable society to emerge.

The series will be launched at two locations: On the 17th of March at the Creation Centre for Live Arts Graner in Barcelona, as a meeting by invitation only; and on the 20th of March at 17h30 at Kulturfabrik Luxembourg, as a meeting open to public.

Cover Image: Landscape, Suzuki Shonen