Learning experience for sustainability mindset

We think of sustainability as holistic wellbeing. Global sustainability grows from the personal and relational one. Physical wellbeing cannot be separated from the emotional, mental, social, or environmental. Human wellbeing is inevitably connected to the wellbeing of the world around — the quality of water, air, soil, food; what we perceive, sense and interact with, including our relationships with other people and the natural environments. This workshop follows the subject of sustainable work, building a link between personal, relational and environmental sustainability, and offers practices to integrate this mindset into the everyday life for a long-term commitment. It’s about human transformation along the digital one. Sustainability is usually described as taking care of the future, and is viewed from the standpoint of a societal development. In our approach to sustainability, we include taking care of the present too, and start with personal sustainability as a foundation for systems of larger societal impact.

This workshop is for you if:

* you want to grow a sustainability culture in your team, organisation or in relationship with your customers and partners

* you want to build a truly sustainable business

* you want to take care of your personal integrity and to find your voice in the world

* you want to work better with other people

* you want to look at your project closely from the perspectives of sustainability, to define your own challenges and find ways to turn them into opportunities 

* you are a curious soul, searching for new forms to organise your life and work

A more sustainable and holistic mindset is at our doorstep. Will we invite it into our living rooms, working studios, learning spaces? Join us in this learning-how-to adventure.

Part 1. Personal Sustainability

Here we explore personal sustainability as a compilation of personal maturity, empowerment, confidence, ability to make decisions and take responsibility over one’s life, to be attentive to the world within and around and act accordingly. Personal sustainability is basically an ability to sustain yourself, to be well in any area of your experience. It has to do with being the leader of your own change. The first part of the workshop aims to raise participants’ awareness of personal sustainability and how it’s built of thousands daily decisions, and to develop personal sustainability as an attitude in life.

Global sustainability depends on the ideas and practices of personal sustainability and leads to what Sitra, the Finish innovation research institute, calls the new Era of Well-being. Wellbeing is a holistic concept, if we look at people as holistic systems within their environments. Physical wellbeing cannot be separated from the emotional, mental, social, or environmental wellbeing. Our wellbeing is inevitably connected to the wellbeing of the world around — the quality of food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe, the qualities of what we perceive, sense and interact with, including our relationships with other people. This workshop builds a link between personal and global sustainability and offers practical guidelines to integrating this mindset into everyday life for the long-term commitment.

Part 2. Sustainable Relationships

The ability to work well together is fundamental to the success of organisations and individuals alike. This workshop will look at the questions of what are the ingredients for a successful collaboration and how to cater for bringing those into your work with other people - be it your team, customers or partners. We will look at subjects like communication, resilience, conflict-solving skills, self-awareness, trust, purpose, and others. We will also give you some tools you can use to build a sustainable collaborative culture in your own team, and a personal training plan to keep practicing key exercises from the workshop.

Part 3. Designing a Culture for Sustainable Business

This workshop is dedicated to the topic of building an organisational culture that supports long-term sustainable development of your organisation within innovative business models. We will look into different aspects of “new work” phenomena, such as self-organisation, agile reaction to changes, wholeness and self-realisation at work, sustainable business models, more humane work spaces, coworking, worcations and how these can serve to build a healthy company culture where a deep need to do meaningful work can be collectively realised.

Foresta Academy is an interdisciplinary collective that designs learning experiences contributing to more sustainability on personal and collective levels. Foresta’s workshops and courses are dedicated to the search of new forms of how we live, work and learn in more sustainable, honest and creative ways and are based on the principles of transdisciplinary engagement, collaboration, life poetry and embodied attention.

A selected team of trainers will come together to design this learning experience, depending on the specific circumstances of each individual client. To get to know the team behind Foresta Collective click here.

Experiences we design take place in the liminal spaces, close to the presence of nature. Natural environments provide for a higher-level concentration, deeper inner and outer awareness, and a healthy grounds for the flourishing of all senses.