In this project children create, experiment with, design, inhabit, and transform experiences of space (small and large scale) as an expression of their individual and collective imagination, and as a way to empower children to create their own environments in accordance to what they like, where they feel well. Along the course of this workshop series children create imaginary worlds from different types of paper, cardboard, colours: they are making sculpture, building structures, personal spaces, houses, animals’ homes, and collective environments. On the way they learn to build with different materials, work collaboratively, find out about the history of cave painting, imagine how the ancient humans saw the world; and we combine it all with movement, painting, drawing, storytelling, and interactive multimedia experiences. Original project in collaboration with Kirstin Broussard and Alessandro Maggioni.

Took place at Campus Rütli, KiKüZ
Commissioned by KinderKünsteZentrum 2016