Sustainability is a mindset. It starts with personal sustainability as a foundation for systems of larger societal impact. What we mean by personal sustainability is a compilation of personal maturity, empowerment, confidence, ability to make decisions and take responsibility over one’s life, to be attentive to the world within and around and act accordingly. It has to do with being the leader of your own change. Personal sustainability is basically an ability to sustain yourself, to be well in any area of your experience. This course aims to develop personal sustainability as an attitude in life.

From our first day at school we are taught to listen to everything and everyone except ourselves. Personal Sustainability comes from co-ownership of one’s own path with life, from being engaged and not a passive figure to be moved by someone else, from inner and outer integrity. Individual wellbeing connects to social and environmental well-being — one is the base for the others. Sustainable relationships become possible when individual agencies connect on eye-level and form healthy partnerships, embodying honest interest and shaping the world together: supporting each other to find their personal drive and ways of expression, to stay true to themselves, and be able to do their best work.

This course is about human transformation in the age of the digital one. It supports participants to develop a culture of learning that encourages personal sustainability: attention and sensitivity towards one’s personal needs, visions and wishes. The course supports people in training qualities that enable them to face challenges and complexity they encounter on the way with confidence and creativity, to build up mental, emotional, physical, social and strategic resources, to take risks and go their own way.

A selected team of trainers will come together to design this learning experience, depending on the specific circumstances of each individual client. To get to know the team behind Foresta Collective click here. Can be offered as a taster half-day to 2-day workshop, or as a longer 10-meetings course.

Pictures from workshops at MAD International Design Summer School, and Bard College Berlin