We understand that true transformation isn’t something you can do in a day workshop. Important organisational changes need a safe space and time in order to happen. Retreat format offers a great opportunity to get away from one’s own four walls for a while, leaving behind established habits and routines that can hold you back from the desired change.

All retreats are custom-designed and take place in inspiring locations. Before creating such an experience for you we will discuss together with you what you want it to be a trigger of: team-building, going through a change and searching for new perspectives, facilitated company-wide session on the organisation’s purpose, new strategy development, or an experience to sustain the company’s culture.

Examples of the tools we will use in order to deliver on the chosen focus of the retreat:
- thematic workshops
- interdisciplinary mini-symposium on a selected subject with inspiring inputs from your team as well as invited professionals from our network, followed by open space discussions
- daily body and awareness practice
- collaborative creation of an artwork
- Creathon