SUMMER 2019 was brought to la Foresta by Sandra Javera. Sandra is a Brazilian illustrator and artist who lives in New York City. We love her joyful work, attention to forms and colours, broad professional horizon and experiments with different materials, media and dimensions. You are invited to stroll through a selection of Sandra’s playful work with lines, colours and ceramics below.

La Foresta Portrait by Sandra Javera: Summer 2019

sandra javera la foresta
Sandra Javera_foto de Leandro Viana.jpg

Sandra Javera

I chose to portrait a forest with a human in it. And as a layered organism, formed by organelles, cells, and structures that, similarly to the human organism, orchestrate to provide life. The relationship between science and poetry has always amazed me. The wisdom behind the photosynthesis process, the search for light and the explosion of life that happens from one seed are for me some of the most poetic and powerful images provided from the forest to us.

Cover image by Sandra Javera
Photo of Sandra by Leandro Viana