Body Matters: Somatic Intelligence in Everyday Life

11-12th May, Berlin

“...there is no real person whose embodiment plays no role in meaning, whose meaning is purely objective and defined by the external world... Because our conceptual systems grow out of our bodies, meaning is grounded in and through our bodies.”

The everyday life matters. How we perceive, think, make decisions, act and interact, all these are rooted in the experience of the body. This event investigates various aspects of how somatic intelligence is expressed, developed and lived in a variety of material and immaterial circumstances of the everyday life. In Western culture, we often experience a strong dominance of the intellect and a primary appreciation of mental intelligence. The body is frequently treated like little more than a vessel to carry the brain around. This empiriocentric mindset often disregards the significance of subjective impressions. There is little more subjective than how one feels in one’s body. Somatic intelligence and ability to identify and relate to patterns in body related expression and sensation, is of course and necessarily a fundamental component of how any human interacts and conducts themselves.

This event is open for everyone interested in or working with the body as not necessarily an exclusive but an essential point of access to the world and their own reality as well as those of others. Whether it is personally or professionally. It’s for everyone who has open questions and is willing to explore them in a collective inquiry, beyond ideologies, missions, or promotions. With this event we are searching to create a space for walking the unknown territory together and exchanging experiences and knowledge on the way.

This time it will be a fluid format between a mini-symposium and an unconference, expanding our usual evening open space to a half day self-organised sessions, in order to enable a community of everyone participating to pursue the multitude of purposes that exist within the range of talents and interests present in the room. It should serve as an environment of focused exchange around the myriad ways we use and develop the sensitivity of and around our bodies to interface with the world. It should provide an opportunity to share practices and ideas, to deepen our understanding and the extent of the concept/practice of embodied intelligence, and it is highly encouraging towards creating collaborations.

This event is part of our Body Matters Series.


11-12 May 2019

The number of tickets is limited, RSVP through the Contact Form to reserve your place. Registration closes on the 9th of May.


Adrian Iselin, Anna Krimerman, Diego Agulló, Peter Stamer, Shelley Etkin, Stephanie Maher, Zohar Ren Karni.


Programme is structured around impulses from the invited contributors, working with embodied culture in its various aspects, and participants-driven unconference format to collectively create a space for exchange, knowledge sharing, discussions and conversations. The exact subjects, order of contributions and time division may change.


Welcome Tea + Arrival | 9:30-10h

We all arrive, share a cup of good tea, and settle down.

Opening | 10h-10:30

Setting the stage by Foresta Collective, in collaboration with Adrian Iselin.

Morning Impulses | 10:30-13h

Contributors are invited to share their experiences on a chosen subject.

  • Anna Krimerman: Embodied and Embedded Being in the World

  • Shelley Etkin: Landing Journey

  • Diego Agulló: Embodied Ethics and Body Altering Practices

Lunch | 13h-14h

Improvised Intervention | 14h-14:30

Improvisation with piano, voice and thought by Peter Stamer: If thoughts are unsung they might be forgotten...
”Not only need artists to be poets of collaboration. In my opinion they need to be joint story-tellers in order to reshape the world ensemble, in order to create narratives of a different world, in order to summon creative forces that open up to – the circus of life.”

Unconference | 14:30-17:30h

Presentation of unconference topics / questions and creation of afternoon schedule + Unconference.

Closing Day 1 | 17:30-18h


Welcome Tea + Arrival | 10h-10:30

We all arrive, taste a cup of a good tea, and settle down.

Morning Impulses | 10:30h-13h

Contributors are invited to share their experiences on a chosen subject.

  • Adrian Iselin: Movement and Awareness session

  • Zohar Ren Karni: Birth as Empowerment

  • Stephanie Maher: Embodied Relations

Lunch | 13h-14h

Unconference | 14h-17h

Presentation of unconference topics / questions and creation of afternoon schedule + Unconference.

Closing Day 2 | 17h-17:30


Pricing of this event is based on individual income. There are 3 kinds of tickets: standard, low income, and supporter.

Standard, 1 day: 30 Eur
Standard, 2 days: 50 Eur

Low Income, 1 day: 20 Eur
Low Income, 2 days: 30 Eur

Supporter, 1 day: 50 Eur
Standard, 2 days: 80 Eur


Liberal Arts University
Bard College Berlin
Platanenstrasse 98
13156 Berlin


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