“When I was a Rhino…”
creative explorations through painting, movement, drawing, stop-motion animation and play

This workshop is a series of 4 consecutive meetings. Together with children we go on an adventure into imagination: we invite them to explore storytelling through different media. We begin with experimentation through free natural movement. On the way we add colours and in playful interactions children paint with the whole body, leaving behind colourful traces. Through this process of free abstract painting and association children create landscapes and fantasy worlds. They invent stories about creatures who live there – in drawing, in playing, in storytelling. From the stories and drawings of children together we make a short animation film. As the next step children themselves turn into characters in their own stories. Together we create costumes and masks so they really become elephants, Nif-Nifs, trees, flowerpots, snowflakes, or any other creatures they chose to be. Dressed up, they act out their stories interacting with each other, while we film these encounters. At the end of this journey we have created a short film about our adventures together: an interplay between animation and theatrical performance. This workshop series was created in collaboration with Romy Blümel.