Foresta KIDS is part of a larger forest of life, of a larger eco-system and collaborative networks of talented individuals. This means that we work a lot in collaborations with a variety of other individuals that are not mentioned here, but are mentioned by each specific project or a workshop we did together. And here’s our core team.



Sabina E. Téari

My work at Foresta KIDS is largely informed by my interest in exploring how humans learn, play and live with one another and other creatures on the planet. The wish to create this studio came from such curiosity. I approach this work as a process of living the questions, experimenting, continuously learning, and inviting others into this process. I’m interested in what was before we started to separate things into categories and in what comes after we find interdisciplinary connections and shared grounds again. The foundation of Foresta KIDS just as of the Foresta project as a whole is collaborative work.


Violeta Lopiz

Violeta’s work mainly evolves around picture books illustration, educational practice in illustration and creativity, and invention of things. As a book-maker she worked with such editorials as Kalandraka, Anaya, Edelvives, Siruela, Bruá editora, Editions du Rouerge, and Topipittori. Her work was selected at CJ Korea Awards, at Bologna Children Book Fair, and won the Grand Prix at ILUSTRARTE 2016. Violeta has also participated in variety of exhibitions in Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Japan. She has created images for bookshops, children cafes and clothes, shop murals and CD covers.