Successful teamwork comes with significant levels of well-placed trust. Studies confirm that professional, and personal, life is better when you work with, and for, those you trust. Where skepticism is high and distrust reigns, collaboration, creativity, and effectiveness can suffer. In this workshop we will invite delegates to explore the nature of trust in their own professional lives. Teams win when they develop the discipline of mutual awareness, willingness to be subtle and give one’s best at the same time. Through these space is made for well-placed trust to flourish, and true collaboration becomes possible.


Placing trust well requires a certain way of thinking, but it also takes a way of being and feeling. With this in mind, this workshop combines time-tested philosophical insight and practical exercises grounded in embodiment training. Through learning philosophical and practical tools participants will start noticing and controlling different automatic mechanisms that can otherwise inhibit collaboration.


  • A greater understanding of trust, trustworthiness and distrust, and how they impact professional relationships and performance;

  • Identification of cultures that are counter-productive where trust is concerned;

  • An ability to stay present and enthusiastic while concentrating on a common objective;

  • Confidence in one’s own ability to move freely between listening to others, and expressing oneself;

  • The ability to stay relaxed and maintain healthy personal relationships while receiving constructive criticism; and

  • A personal training plan to keep practicing key exercises alone or with a team

Cover image courtesy: V wie Vogel by Lena Mühl