The author of a spring seasonal portrait in 2016 is Viola Niccolai. Viola is an illustrator and picture book maker. Her book "The fox and the foal" (published in 2014 by Topipittori) became one of our favourite illustrated books. We are happy to present here a selection of some of the most cherished as well as the yet unpublished Viola's works. For further exploration and insights into her process of creation check out our interview at Creativity Cookbook

La Foresta Portrait by Viola Niccolai: SPRING


Viola about her work:

Drawing for me is a way to see things in a clear way. When I want to know a face, a body, a landscape or a scene I try to draw them, to fix something in my mind and in my eyes as well as on the paper. It becomes a way to understand reality, and at the same time to express what I feel about it. The challenge is to find the best medium to say something new every time.