The logo-image of La Foresta is changing with every season as the real forest does. Every new spring, summer, autumn and winter it celebrates changing seasons of nature and of our lives. As snow melts away, as buds turn into leaves, as leaves start to change colour, as they fly away with the wind, as new buds are born - at the turn of each season we invite a different artist to create a portrait of La Foresta in summer, autumn, spring or winter. Each creator's image will represent La Foresta online for three months and later will become part of the permanent Museum of Seasons. During these three months Visual Strolls becomes an online gallery, a visual viewing room, exhibiting the work of the invited artist. 

This WINTER we are showcasing the work of Karolina Skórka. Karolina is an artist and illustrator from Poland. We are captivated by simplicity, delicacy, and nostalgic mood of her work. Join us in taking a meditative stroll through a selection of some of our favourite works of Karolina in the gallery below. 

"Until the age of 10 I lived near a beautiful forest, where I spent every spare moment, sometimes with friends and family but mostly alone sitting on a great oak (now as an adult I know that I was meditating...).  The forest that I left almost 30 years ago is still a part of me, gives me a sense of peace and security now when I live in a big city. This experience deeply influenced my passion for simplicity, for sense of solitude in my art, and attraction to small things in life that many people overlook." 

— Karolina Skórka