La Foresta is changing with every season as the real forest does. Every new spring, summer, autumn and winter it celebrates changing seasons of nature and of our lives. As snow melts away, as buds turn into leaves, as leaves start to change colour, as they fly away with the wind, as new buds are born - at the turn of each season we invite a different artist to create a portrait of la Foresta in summer, autumn, spring or winter. Each creator's image will represent la Foresta online for three months and later will become part of the permanent Museum of Seasons. During these three months Visual Strolls becomes an online gallery, a visual viewing room, exhibiting the work of the invited artist. 

We are interested in a larger context of art and creativity in society, in looking at these in a broader sense, as forces that change our state of attention. That’s why we started Visual Strolls. We want to invite you to join us and never stop looking at the world from new perspectives, as it unfolds around and inside of us, as one state of being is continuously being replaced by another in cyclical circularity. We invite you to contemplate the world anew with us through the eyes of the artists. Artists we invite come from very different backgrounds, personal, cultural and professional, some are known, some are just beginning their work, some live in cities, some in villages, some paint, some draw, some stich. What unites these visual creators is their affinity with nature and poetry of their perception. To continue reading our reflections on arts entering life click here.

AUTUMN this year is brought to la Foresta by Carolina Celas. Carolina is an author, illustrator, experimentator, wooden sculpture maker, and book-creator based in Lisbon. We love her explorations and experiments with visual language, books as art objects, fiction and reality, her careful attention to detail, her humour and personal-universal subjects she touches through her work, such as home, belonging, relationship to space and changing perspectives. Take a stroll through a selection of Carolina’s work below.

La Foresta Portrait by Carolina Celas: Autumn 2019

carolina celas la foresta

Carolina Celas


1. Porque me intriga: Curiosidade

2. Porque nos sentimos tão pequenos que parece podemos ser engolidos: O desconhecido

3. Para recuperar memórias da minha infância: Introspecção

4. Para escapar do mundo real: uma metáfora à idealização de um lugar de forma a negar uma realidade ou mesmo uma idealização dos próprios sonhos.

5. Por prazer: é impossível resistir

Se precisar de descrever o termo floresta, diria que é um pouco semelhante à sensação de estar em casa. No meu trabalho, tento perceber o sentido dos lugares através de elementos gráficos e espaciais, bem como através das emoções e do sentimento de deslocamento como metáfora à vida cotidiana. A floresta é uma casa que podemos ver de fora. É fascinante, mas misteriosa ao mesmo tempo. Se olharmos atentamente, há uma porta. Uma porta é normalmente descrita como um lugar pelo qual se pode passar para o interior e, em seguida, se pode ficar o tempo que quiser. Consequentemente, a floresta tem uma porta e também tem um interior. Se estivermos do lado de fora, tem uma vista incrível, mas se entrarmos, ainda podemos contemplar a sua beleza, mas com um distorcer emocional e de imaginação. Podemos ouvir: o silêncio, a respiração, a intimidade... A floresta transforma-se alguma vezes numa saída de escape ao mundo real, mas tiro vantagem dela ao criar ficção e realidades surreais. Quando desenho, sinto-me ligada ao gesto e ao ato de desenhar. Torna-se numa espécie de extensão dos sentimentos em forma de papel. Apesar de todos o sentirmos de forma distinsta, nas minhas paisagens, a Floresta torna-se numa testemunha do que vejo e do que sinto.



1. Because intrigues me: Curiosity

2. Because we feel so small and seems that we will be swallowed by it: The unknown

3. To recuperate memories from my childhood: inner connection

4. To escape the real world: a metaphor of an idealization of a place to deny a reality or even an idealization of our own dreams

5. For pleasure: It is impossible to resist

If I need to describe forest I’ll say that is slightly similar to the feeling of being home. As part of my work, I try to perceive the sense of place through graphic and spatial elements, as well as, conveying emotions and feelings of displacement as a metaphor for everyday life. The forest is a house that can be seen from outside. It is charming and intriguing at the same time. If you look closely, there is a door. A door is usually described as a place where you can pass to the interior, and then, you can stay, as long as you wish. Therefore the forest has a door and it has an interior too. If you are outside you have the amazing view, and if you go inside, you can still perceive its beauty, with an emotional twist and imagination. You can hear and feel it: the silence, the breathing, the intimacy... The Forest is an escape exit for the real world but at the same time I take advantage of it to create fiction and surreal realities. When I draw I feel connected with the gesture and the act of drawing. It becomes a kind of paper-shaped extension of feelings. Although we all feel it in distinct ways, in my landscapes, the forest becomes a witness to what I see and feel.

Cover image by Carolina Celas