The logo-image of La Foresta is changing with every season as the real forest does. Every new spring, summer, autumn and winter it celebrates changing seasons of nature and of our lives. As snow melts away, as buds turn into leaves, as leaves start to change colour, as they fly away with the wind, as new buds are born - at the turn of each season we invite a different artist to create a portrait of La Foresta in summer, autumn, spring or winter. Each creator's image will represent La Foresta online for three months and later will become part of the permanent Museum of Seasons. During these three months Visual Strolls becomes an online gallery, a visual viewing room, exhibiting the work of the invited artist. 

This year SUMMER was brought to la Foresta by Andrea Antinori. Andrea is author, illustrator and artist based in Bologna. We love his playful, humorous and joyful work, with lots of attention to detail, opening new perspectives to look at the world around. You'll find a selection of some of our favourites of Andrea's work below. 

I live in Bologna, a city where there are forests, but they are far away. I would like to have some forest closer, because it is the better place where you can stop thinking. It is automatic: When you get in, you have only to act, you keep going on, as long as it is the time for returning.
If you think, you think about something else, but not the forest. It is not like walking down the street: standing at a crossroads you choose the best path possible. In the forest that is not important, the ways are all the same, because there will be something to discover in any case. The forest also is a quiet place, and you don’t understand why, since everything that surround you appears to be huge. It is not always quiet, sometimes you can hear some noises, but unlike in the city, in the forest every sound is perfectly spelled. They echo and fade away. Sometimes these sounds are sort of scary, so you go back to home, or change course.
— Andrea Antinori