Voices in Museum explores the abilities of human voice and its use in the space of art mediation. Participants are invited to discover the individual voice structure and its developmental potential in the process of learning and awareness of one's own art mediation competence. Participants use their own voice to create a living and contemporary connection between the individual, the group and art in a museum. It aims to connect art and the viewer in a new context, to experience the liveliness of an art object.

Burg Galerie im Volkspark (exhibition: erreger-|EIGEN frequenz) Foto: Matthias Ritzmann

Burg Galerie im Volkspark (exhibition: erreger-|EIGEN frequenz)
Foto: Matthias Ritzmann

About the process

The combination of an art object and human voice serves as the basic inspiration, like an inner image, which triggers certain feelings and moods and in this function can often be a necessary and emotional guideline for the voice. The situations and details of the art object can thus become keys to one's own imagination in order to enter into an inner space of emotion, movement and expression.

The concrete details - e.g. of a painting or sculpture - will be recreated by the participants. It becomes a playful interaction through body postures, facial expressions, potential thoughts, moods, feelings, and associations - everything finally condenses through targeted exercises to a potential sound, word fragments, and possibilities of human voice explored in all its facets. The individual and the group thus feel their way deeper and deeper into the landscape of the art object and at the same time into their own inner fantasy and expressiveness.

As the participants' own voices become inspired and active by the art object, the dividing line between art and viewer is gradually dissolved. The viewer who actively relates to the object in this way feels increasingly at home in the art object and personally represented by her or his own expression - up to the connecting realization: "That's me - all details of the art object are ultimately to be found in me".

Cover image by Vanessa Rodegher