we shall have to think up signs, sketch a landscape, fabricate a plan
on the double page
of day and paper.
Tomorrow, we shall have to invent,
once more,
the reality of this world.
— Octavio Paz

WOODS IN THE CITY is a space dedicated to human creativity and sustainable living, to the meeting and exchange between different worlds, through which new pathways may unfold. It's a cultural exploration salon for makers and change-makers, for seekers and life-long learners, for trailblazer and people who are interested in making a difference in re-integration of our world in a broader sense.  Once every season we invite people from different walks of life to come together and share some insights into their work and what drives them to do what they do. These interdisciplinary encounters are a process of discovering a golden thread that weaves people and ideas together. Its aim is to be a catalyst to inspire living connections across and beyond disciplines, to explore shared concerns and questions of how we want to live and create sustainable future. Wisdom is born in an encounter and synthesis. Through meeting the others we reconnect to something of value: a shared purpose, a forgotten wish, a spirit of adventure, or a new attention to life around. We want to meet around elements of living that we all experience: new learning and working cultures, creativity, food, movement, environment, society, etc. Our backgrounds, professions, fields of interests shape our perspectives on common life experiences, so we come together to share them, to see a bigger picture. Every 3 months we meet at the wooden house in the centre of Berlin: a studio of Geyersbach recycled furniture. On this page we host an online library of impressions and some of the video contributions to WOODS IN THE CITY meetings.

At every meeting we give space to a variety of different forms of expression: through words, music, movement, visual communication. Each WOODS IN THE CITY meeting is accompanied by a visual arts/illustration exhibition.
So far we have showcased selected works of:


A selection of videos from past events

Charlotte McGowan-Griffin: artist, film-maker

Elizabeth Debold 
gender futurist, journalist

Anna Krimerman: personal development trainer

Andreas Weber - biologist, philosopher, author

Adam Fletcher
writer, author

Eyal Lovett 
jazz musician, componist

José Délano
designer, curator, creator

Anton Burdakov
artist, architect

Arnold Dreyblatt
musician, media professor

Other contributors to past event
Amir Nasr (writer, digital activist), Monika Jiang (co-creator of Humans of New Work), Javier Cura (multidisciplinary artist, teacher), Onika Simon (innovation strategist), David Hayes (professor of Greek philosophy and literature), Yuki Tanji (movement and martial arts teacher), Kirstin Broussard (artist and arts educator), Felicitas Ritter (dancer and coach)


AUTUMN (Images by Hendrik Thul)


SPRING (Images by Patricia Escriche)



WOODS IN THE CITY logo created by Katja Schneider