Woods in the City is an event series and a contact zone for transdisciplinary encounters and exchange. Dedicated to human and cultural transformation towards multi-layered sustainability, rooted in embodied culture. It’s an exploration of questions around how do we want to live in the contemporary world in more conscious, regenerative, and poetic ways. Woods for us is a metaphor for a holistic being, a sustainable eco-system, something real and symbolic at the same time. Each Woods in the City event from the moment of its idea through the process of its organisation and the happening itself is a lived practice from the inside out, based on embodied principles that you can read more about here.

The nest is an environment, a sculpture, a support for embodied imagination in relation with place. Seemingly, a basket, a womb, or a spaceship, the nest is a curious and porous place to temporarily inhabit. A space for lucid dreaming where one can lay their body and open to sky, surroundings, and sensed perception within. Built by Yoav Admoni and Layla Klinger with wood and hand-knit textile, the nest is designed to open the body towards resonant listening, imaginative journeying, and felt exchange between inner experiences and outer perceptions. The nest emerged as a branch from Shelley Etkin’s artistic research landing, which shifts from land as a territorial entity into landing as a verb. The practice of landing has been offered through sessions using guided somatic journeying, opening towards felt knowing in a shared imaginal with land, through processes of mutual communicative exchange. Landing explores questions of deterritorialization and healing dynamics of movement within, through, and across lands.

Woods in the Nest is a 2-day journey and a research in public into the subjects of spaces of resonance, sustainability and regeneration, story of the earth and our relationship to it, individually and culturally. There will be insights and inputs from a variety of contributors coming from different backgrounds, such as the arts and oral storytelling traditions, regenerative theatre and environmental politics, architecture and evolutionary science, merging into a common story, beyond disciplinary boundaries. More info coming soon!

When: TBC

Where: TBC

Woods in the Nest concept, organisation and curation: Shelley Etkin and Sabina Enéa Téari

The creation of the nest has been greatly supported by Theater o.N. for the development of nesting, for Fratz Festival Symposium on the theme ‘Another World’, as well as by Ponderosa e.V. and Franziskaner Klosterkirche (Department of Art and Culture, Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin). Nest photos: Yoav Admoni and Jared Gradinger.

Photos of the past Woods in the City events by Foresta Collective. For the past editions of Woods in the City click here >>