At La Foresta we are interested in what it means to live a fulfilling sustainable life, driven by curiosity and intuition, by the wish to learn and evolve, be inspired and enjoy life. ForestaAcademy is just starting to take shape around questions of how do we want to live and create sustainable future, how do we change our collective guiding mindset to a more wholesome, empowered, cooperative, reverent, and integral one that recognizes the intrinsic interdependency of all living systems. We are interested in a mindset, which acknowledges both our individuality and interconnectedness. Humans are integrated bodymind organisms, we contain ecosystems within us and participate in the broader ecosystems of nature in an interconnected complex world. Each of us is to find our own unique path and way of being, that will allow us to contribute to making life more meaningful and flourishing in our own way. 

ForestaAcademy is currently a pilot project and will be launched in the summer of 2018. It is a learning space for present and future makers and change-makers, dedicated to collaborative creativity and sustainable living. We are interested in new ways of working, learning, thinking and being in the world, those that are based on attention and respect towards organic human development, as well as Earth's ecosystems. Our vision is to offer interdisciplinary learning experiences in different formats: workshops, labs, courses, and retreats. Our home base is Berlin, and action territory spreads across Europe. Learning experiences will be offered by La Foresta partners (multidisciplinary contributors from our network). More info coming soon. Stay tuned!